tinsiders.blogspot.com review

tinsiders.blogspot.com is apparently a blog that shares people about designs, inspirations, and innovations things that really happened and believed as the following trend at the time. there are various types of things that could give you dose of insights about any of your personal interests. it could be about advertising, architecture, automotive, concept stores, designs, entertainments, and many more that probably matches with your needs. but, all postings in this blog doesn’t displayed in a group of aspects or labels mentioned before, it is still sequentially in recent postings. the main page of this blog will display you a Flipcard way in enjoying the blog which could be seen at the menu of the blog. this menu provide you six ways in reading this blog, which are Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeline. because it is seen in Flipcard mode, there were another menu (like a sub-menu) displayed below the main menu of the blog. this sub-menu provide you in four ways of reading each postings in this blog which are available in accordance of recent, date, label, and author postings.

Different with the main mode of seeing this blog, another mode doesn’t provide a sub-menu like Flipcard mode in reading each postings and it only in accordance of recent postings, but still those mode provide its own unique way instead.

on the right side of the page, there shown a menu that hidden in a black vertical bar. this menu provide us information about the blog, like the author, readers, available labels, blog archives time, and feed subscribed. in this menu, we could understand that anyone could share anything trendy things by posting it to the author of the blog through email so that it could be seen by anyone who read this blog.

at first, i had no idea what this blog was about when my lecturer of Creativity and Innovation subject at SBM ITB told me to open this. i thought it was a blog which mostly contains of many words telling about creative or innovative things (a usual one), but then i surprised. when you first open this blog, you will see many pictures and headlines or titles displayed inside squares and i bet your first thought would wonder about “what are these?”, then you would take a brief look about the whole page and at last you would have deep look at those things inside squares one by one. in a glance, this blog looks unfamiliar with its appearance, but when you pay a good attention, it looks unique.

the first posting that steal my attention was a headline named “if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”, it was a presentation video with a duration of 30 minutes and 40 seconds and that was inspiring!

and also this image

Always First.

this blog really get their words: designs, inspirations, innovations.

if you want to look for an insights of creative and innovative things, check out this blog!

Author : Adnan Faris Sadewo 19010083, SBM ITB


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