Creative (Mind) Something

Tanner Christensen shares his, i believe, entire knowledge about creativity through his blog, which voluntarily give its readers various information about almost his daily learning in understanding creativity. in some way, he shares lots of useful information to make us learn something creative, piece by piece, like once he posted about his childhood experience which eventually he learned that Creativity is very much like a drawer full of Lego blocks, where each block represents some experience or some concept that you’ve collected in your life that build your creative identity brick by brick.

this blog is seem like his journey in learning this subject and its relatives. his passion and constancy in learning and sharing creativity shown by his consistency in posting its related information every week. personally, i do respect him because of his generosity to others and his perseverance. actually at first i disappointed about his blog appearance that, from my view, doesn’t quite showing about something conveys me that its about creative blog. for me, i wasn’t sure that this blog is a good and an inspiring one. but then, after i scrolled down and read some of his posts, i realized that i think the reason he doesn’t decorate or design his blog into something eye-catchy and unique is to make its readers enjoy their formal reading about his postings and not interrupted or distracted by the surrounding’s design.

one thing special that i learned from his journey through this blog from one of his posting is about Creation is as much about the process as it is the end product.


from that cartoon picture, i figured that if you are a real creative person, when you create something from your creativity, the main thing that you do enjoy during the creation is the process. whether after the product is created and eventually ruined by others, you would still have your own satisfaction about it. So, are you creating for the end product, or for the enjoyment of the process?


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