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Tanner Christensen shares his, i believe, entire knowledge about creativity through his blog, which voluntarily give its readers various information about almost his daily learning in understanding creativity. in some way, he shares lots of useful information to make us learn something creative, piece by piece, like once he posted about his childhood experience which eventually he learned that Creativity is very much like a drawer full of Lego blocks, where each block represents some experience or some concept that you’ve collected in your life that build your creative identity brick by brick.

this blog is seem like his journey in learning this subject and its relatives. his passion and constancy in learning and sharing creativity shown by his consistency in posting its related information every week. personally, i do respect him because of his generosity to others and his perseverance. actually at first i disappointed about his blog appearance that, from my view, doesn’t quite showing about something conveys me that its about creative blog. for me, i wasn’t sure that this blog is a good and an inspiring one. but then, after i scrolled down and read some of his posts, i realized that i think the reason he doesn’t decorate or design his blog into something eye-catchy and unique is to make its readers enjoy their formal reading about his postings and not interrupted or distracted by the surrounding’s design.

one thing special that i learned from his journey through this blog from one of his posting is about Creation is as much about the process as it is the end product.


from that cartoon picture, i figured that if you are a real creative person, when you create something from your creativity, the main thing that you do enjoy during the creation is the process. whether after the product is created and eventually ruined by others, you would still have your own satisfaction about it. So, are you creating for the end product, or for the enjoyment of the process?


Ways to Enhance Children’s Creativity

common people usually think that creative is mostly related to excelling in arts, but that is certainly an aspect of it. in fact, being creative is more like finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better. and these things can not be just owned by someone without undergoing any building process before. in short, to be creative, the formation process must be begun since early.


120530133720-large research has shown that enhancing creativity since early, especially at school, may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. however, these characteristics will serve students well from their formative years all the way through completing a digital arts program. if you are a teacher, these are lots of activities you can do and strategies you can adopt to get the creative juices flowing at class :

Word Games –  encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and establish relationships between different words

#you could provide a list of words all linked by another and have the children figure out the base word. if the word was ‘’bag’’, the accompanying list could be ‘’sleeping, shopping, trash and vacuum.’’ #another good game is ‘’Connect”, where students name a word associated with the word given by the previous student.

Visual Thinking Games – encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively

#show the children an abstract image and ask them to tell you what they see, what the image looks like to them. have them look at it from all different angles and perspectives. no judgments on answers—you do not want to do anything that will hamper their thinking process.


Drawing Games –  help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity

#you could hand out sheets of paper with a squiggly line drawn on it and students—either on their own or in pairs—could use this as a starting point to make their own drawing. afterwards, they can guess what other students drew and discuss how they came up with their own picture. #another great drawing game involves giving children pieces of paper with circles drawn on them; the circles serve as a base to create a drawing. the children can do this in groups, pairs or as individuals. ask the children to select a set number of their drawings and build a story around the images. afterwards, everyone can share their stories.

here are some Teaching Tips :

  • besides utilizing specific games, you can enhance creativity through the way you teach and interact with your students. whenever possible, let students pick their own topics for presentations, projects and writing assignments; this will jump start creative thinking.
  • asking certain types of questions during lessons is also a great way to get their imaginations churning. depending on the subject matter at hand, you can ask students questions regarding different ways to accomplish a particular task, how something might be improved, other uses for a particular object, different ways of accomplishing a particular task, what might happen if a certain element of the situation was changed, etc.
  • encourage group collaboration as much as possible; this is an important skill that will serve them well later in life. working with others and being exposed to their creative process can also help in building a student’s own creativity.563020_525330940840201_809071170_n

overall, encouraging creativity in students will not only serve them well while they are in school, it will help them develop skills that will serve them well as adults. as a teacher, you have an opportunity to help students develop something that will enhance all aspects of their life.


–a review of–

Creative “Generalist”

¡Hola pueblo,

now i’m back again with another review. this time is about,

at first, the word “generalist” seem unfamiliar to me and i couldn’t get what it means until i figured that out at the wikipedia. so, before you move your finger to find it out too, i’ll help you with this hint.

generalist is about a person with a wide array of knowledge, the opposite of which is a specialist. 

by knowing what “generalist” means, then i could understand where this blog was about to take me into beside my first thought that this site would be just the same like the previous blog i reviewed. before i looked at the About section of this website, I realized the word “generalist” here was telling me that a creative person is not a specialist, but it has to have a broad way of thinking, knowledge, and also have various perspectives as an addition in order to be able to see world through its unique point of view. then in that case, I began to consider that this website could provide many information and prescription about and to be creative generalist.

Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist began as a personal blog of Steve Hardy which was founded in 2002. this inspiring website is made as an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. the content is completely random, updated regularly, and its inspiration drawn from – and relevant to – the larger creative world. besides being a hub for generalist ideas, news, and perspectives, one of their main goals is to introduce broad thinkers with one another. thus, is now a community resource and forum.


talking about its content, has three cores. The first is called Zeitgeist and Kite Flights which presented in Inspiration(Synthesize & Summarize) section, this page functioned as a daily ephemeral collection of news, opinion, and inspirations from around the World Wide Web, curated by the @generalists list tweets.



Second is about Society of Creative Generalist in People(Mix & Match) section which used as an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate diversity, broad thinking, widely inspired ideas, and addressing issues globally. Finally, The Third is The Eclectic Curiosity Interviews that shown at Blog(Link & Leap) section, this last and special part is build for presenting a wide-ranging Q&A series with some incredibly bright people with exciting stories to tell and wisdom to share.

Overall, this website does provide various information and concerns that unexpectedly enlighten me to open my mind and reshape my thinking method about my interests, which mostly come from some quotes presented within some sections. this remind me about design thinking method and it seems like this website could provide generalists to cook up their concerns related to their interests. some of good quotes that i spoke are :

“Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

“To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life.” — Gelett Burgess

Personally, I hope you all visit this and hopefully you could be inspired just by reading some news and articles and watching  unique perspectives through some posted interviews.

Gracias por leer.

30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions (for 2012)

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After some times,now  I’m back again in my productive form. and this time, i need to catch up my postponed tasks by reviewing the article from this link ( at first. So here it is.

By seeing this title, I know its already late to share this with you all. BUT! I’m sure not all of you have already read this information yet, do you? so through my review, I would be pleased to help you quickly get the red line from this article,  of course in my own delivery style, which was posted in January 1st, 2012 by Cynthia Bunting, a Business News Daily Contributor.

In this article, Cynthia mentioned that she and her team had asked small-business owners nationwide to tell them what trends and big ideas they think will take center stage in 2012. And those ideas are :

Gesture – Recognition Technology which we know that Microsoft have already released the awesome Xbox Kinect and still baking to make a better combination in voice-touch-gesture recognition product for the future.

No Boundaries. a whole division of online shopping for customers to shop across all channels. Can you imagine shopping online while in store or buy online and pick it up at any store? its kinda like that.

Cyber Insurance. when it comes to data breaches nowadays, small businesses are at the weakest side. their data can easily be exposed. so this type of insurance could provide them an equal data security like a large one.

Proximity-based Social Network. another breakthrough software or application that could identify like-minded individuals nearby that you should probably know.

Public/Private Partnership. Government would no longer be the only party who provide basic services for their citizen. It would be the time for private or nonprofit entities to serve them better with a wiser price.

Business Roll up. about this issue, baby boomers business will have few other viable options than to sell out firms. for instance, they could consolidate their business with larger entities.

Strategic Technology Consulting. there would be an increasing opportunity for such business by providing a hand to a company so that they could easily asses current network environment for their branch offices and recommending a further technology improvement for them as well.

Social Media for Hiring. it was already happened back in 2011. a survey said that 79% HR professionals search on LinkedIn, 65% have company page on LinkedIn, 63% have a dedicated Facebook for jobs and careers.

Local and Mobile Search for shopping. So businesses need to understand this dynamic in order to capitalize on these growing consumer trends and habits.

Outsourcing IT Function. it would be a significant cost savings and freeing up cash for other business needs

Personalized Business Software for new generation business which need to focus on creating value and connect your customers and suppliers in a unity network.

Increased FranchisingFranchise industry, which has been going strong, will see a big uptick in franchises with very low overhead and start-up costs.

Reputation reviews for Business Services and software will become the driver for accelerating elevations, especially for the business buyers.

The deals space continue to expand in 2012. there will be more consolidation among industries, growth, expansion through specialization, and offerings in other verticals.

Mobile Learning allow companies to help their employee learn in anywhere and at anytime.

Bolt-on Acquisition. there will be more phenomenon for companies which acquiring new business niches or another entity that would provide added strength to their core business by merging the target entity into one of its department.

Group Incentivization. vertical line businesses (such as retailers, developers, merchants) band together to offer a singular more incentive reward  for engagement.

Chinese Companies will become a force in global market. no surprise, considering their clinical business leap, it just a matter of time for them to compete in developed countries market.

Understanding Chatter nowadays is needed to improve customer relationship and drive your sales better.

More ad measurement. Considering social media as an appealing channel these days, tracking ROI of campaign like these is needed through call tracking.

Navigate web using Voice Command. After websites being more accessible on televisions, this new invention for users would be the next breakthrough in the following years.

Expense management of mobile application will significantly challenge many organizations in 2012.

2012 will be the year if Consumerization and Consumer-friendly Business Application growth.

Innovative Workspace Services. Providing a variety of workspaces on a subscription basis by the hour, day or month in facilities like business centers and co-working centers would be an inflection point in consumerization of real estate

Friction free mobile device management. To provide the flexibility needed for employees to maintain productivity, IT will need to operate with more transparency, without losing control over the environment.

Costumerized enterprise application stores. Smartphones and tablets have little value without applications and the increased use of these devices creates demand for more applications that IT groups need to manage, and this store would make that process easier.

Disintegration of Channels. brands and retailers that align their organization and budgets around brand-editorial-product content, not included channels, will gain market share in the very near future.

Cloud-based document and information resources are about to be in common for many industries for an easy accessible channel in the following years. like one i use,

Digital Coupon Book. discount directories on a web would empower consumers by allowing them to search for interesting deals easily and it could also transforming passive discount recipients into active couponers.

Small business will be able to get online by having their own website.

From all those interesting ideas, trends and predictions. we, who are at 2013 already, could determine which are already happened in 2012 and which have the possibility to happen in the following years. personally, i’m blessed that i’m told to read this article because honestly by being told to read such article, now i feel moved to explore more about any information for my future business so that i could set up a friendly efficient and effective working system and environment to my stakeholders and it could give the best growth to my business. some ideas, trends and predictions that got my big attention are no boundaries, proximity based social network, strategic technology consulting. bolt-ob acquisition, group incentivization, more ad measurement, disintegration of channels, and digital coupon book. what about you? review is apparently a blog that shares people about designs, inspirations, and innovations things that really happened and believed as the following trend at the time. there are various types of things that could give you dose of insights about any of your personal interests. it could be about advertising, architecture, automotive, concept stores, designs, entertainments, and many more that probably matches with your needs. but, all postings in this blog doesn’t displayed in a group of aspects or labels mentioned before, it is still sequentially in recent postings. the main page of this blog will display you a Flipcard way in enjoying the blog which could be seen at the menu of the blog. this menu provide you six ways in reading this blog, which are Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeline. because it is seen in Flipcard mode, there were another menu (like a sub-menu) displayed below the main menu of the blog. this sub-menu provide you in four ways of reading each postings in this blog which are available in accordance of recent, date, label, and author postings.

Different with the main mode of seeing this blog, another mode doesn’t provide a sub-menu like Flipcard mode in reading each postings and it only in accordance of recent postings, but still those mode provide its own unique way instead.

on the right side of the page, there shown a menu that hidden in a black vertical bar. this menu provide us information about the blog, like the author, readers, available labels, blog archives time, and feed subscribed. in this menu, we could understand that anyone could share anything trendy things by posting it to the author of the blog through email so that it could be seen by anyone who read this blog.

at first, i had no idea what this blog was about when my lecturer of Creativity and Innovation subject at SBM ITB told me to open this. i thought it was a blog which mostly contains of many words telling about creative or innovative things (a usual one), but then i surprised. when you first open this blog, you will see many pictures and headlines or titles displayed inside squares and i bet your first thought would wonder about “what are these?”, then you would take a brief look about the whole page and at last you would have deep look at those things inside squares one by one. in a glance, this blog looks unfamiliar with its appearance, but when you pay a good attention, it looks unique.

the first posting that steal my attention was a headline named “if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”, it was a presentation video with a duration of 30 minutes and 40 seconds and that was inspiring!

and also this image

Always First.

this blog really get their words: designs, inspirations, innovations.

if you want to look for an insights of creative and innovative things, check out this blog!

Author : Adnan Faris Sadewo 19010083, SBM ITB

an Opening


Hopefully, this blog could be useful and inspiring for any readers.

Kalo ada yang mau kasih saran untuk pengembangan blog ini, jangan sungkan untuk leave any comments ya kawan.


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